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Universal Magic Cloth, Life Care® - ECOnomic alternative for cleaning


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  • is the ECOnomic alternative for cleaning
  • does not leave marks on the wiped surfaces
  • can be cleaned in the washing machine


The Universal Magic Cloth, Life Care® is a microfiber cloth, an ECOnomic alternative, and can be used to clean any surface in the house or office. It has a very fine texture and is ideal even for more sensitive surfaces such as mirror, window or electric hob.


You must have the Universal Magic Cloth Life Care® because:
>> Is the ECOnomic alternative for cleaning
>> You only need water - just soak the cloth in water and then wipe the dirty surface
>> Does not leave marks on the wiped surfaces
>> Has a very fine texture
>> Does not contain chemical additives and is also recommended for people with sensitive skin
>> Can be used on any surface, even sensitive ones
>> Can be cleaned in the washing machine


The cloth can be used on any surface: windows, mirrors, glasses and crockery, glass and fiberglass surfaces, wood, ceramics, marble, plastic, floors, LCD TV screens or computer monitors, furniture, sanitary ware.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Rinse the cloth in tap water, squeeze it very well and clean or polish the desired surface. If you notice slight traces of water after wiping, just wait for it to evaporate.
ATTENTION! The cloth can be cleaned in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 30°C, using even detergent. To avoid damaging the cloth, do not use fabric softener, do not dry it on any heat source, and do not dry the cloth in the tumble dryer. If the instructions for use are followed, it can be used for 2 years.


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21.02.2022, LUCICA SELES:

RECOMAND cu mare drag! Este cu adevarat super, super buna. Am sters geamurile de la doua balcoane inchise + cele de la camere fara solutii si in jumatate din timpul in care faceam acest lucru inainte de a avea lavetele.


Este chiar un ajutor remarcabil si eficient in curatenie!


Este senzationala! Recomand 3 bucati, nu una. Nu trebuie sa lipseasca din nici o gospodarie.

12.06.2021, ALINA IOJA:

E cu adevarat magica, imi usureaza munca, pot sa sterg oglinda, ecranul laptopului, tv, plita de la aragaz si totul ramane curat fara urme. Imi place mult.

14.04.2021, LAURA MONICA ILLE:

Am cumparat-o, este foarte buna, exact o laveta magica!

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