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Throat drops, with BIO sage, Life Care®


Net quantity: 45 g

  • 5.39 GBP

* The prices are in pounds and they contain VAT.

Take your deduction of 20% for life!
  • take care of the health of the throat
  • certified drops
  • gluten free
  • without dyes or preservatives


The word sage comes from the Latin "salvare" which means to save.
In antiquity, sage was considered a panacea, being used in the treatment of more than 60 diseases.
Sage is one of the best natural remedies we can use to treat throat and pharynx problems.


If you don't feel well and face discomfort in the throat, you can turn to the natural solution - Throat drops, with BIO sage, Life Care®:
>> relieve throat and pharynx inflammation;
>> ease breathing by decongesting the pharynx;
>> reduce the amount of secretions;
>> support the immune system.


Organic cane sugar*, organic & gluten free glucose syrup*, sage essential oil*. *Ingredients issued from organic agriculture.


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26.07.2023, MARIA STRATULAT:

De 10 ani le iau, sunt foarte bune, eu ma impac foarte bine cu ele la dureri de gat, le folosim toata familia.

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