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Complex of minerals and trace elements, Life Care®


Net quantity: 50 ml

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This supplement is a concentrated complex of minerals and trace elements in natural and colloidal diluted form. All minerals and trace elements of composition are diluted so fine that they can be easily assimilated by the cell membrane and used in an efficient way by the body.


The complex supplement of minerals and trace elements completes your daily dose of boron, magnesium, sulfur and other trace elements, bringing incredible benefits to the human body!


Once a day 1.5 ml dissolved in a glass of water or fruit juice, to provide the body, at regular intervals, sufficient natural magnesium and many minerals from seawater. For athletes and in cases of a great effort made, the amount can be increased accordingly up to 5 ml.


Recommended per day is 5 ml and Oracle supports chloride -1000mg VNR-125%; Magnesium, 375 mg, 100% VNR; Potassium-140mg-sub 15% VNR; Sodium-120mg- * VNR; Calcium-42mg-sub 15% VNR; Bor-0.75mg- * VNR; Manganese 0.12mg-sub 15% VNR; Iodine-15 mg-sub 15% VNR. VNR - Nutritional Value Reference * - minerals that have not been established VNR.


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16.11.2022, ELENA BALAN:

Recomand cu incredere persoanelor care trec printr-o perioada mai stresanta.


Recomand tuturor mai ales celor care au avut cancer. Revigoreaza organismul.

31.10.2016, MADALINA MAZILU:

Sora mea foloseste acest produs si spune ca e foarte bun. Recomand!


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