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BioHAUS® spray with chlorine and active oxygen,100ml


Net quantity: 100 ml

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  • is a product approved at European level
  • can be used in any environment and space
  • complete solution for the whole family


Hygiene is an essential element in the daily life of each person, but hand hygiene is the key element in general hygiene because the hands are, on the one hand, most prone to being contaminated with different bacteria and, on the other hand, the main transmission factor. This is why hand hygiene is so important, and optimal hygiene implies the use of an antibacterial hand spray.


The BioHAUS® spray with chlorine and active oxygen, is a multi-purpose cleaning spray, has a rapid action, being ideal for frequent uses in the cleansing of various objects, hands, but also.

The use of such a spray has the purpose of cleansing the hands and eliminating the bacteria existing on the surface of the palm skin and, implicitly, their transmission to other more sensitive areas.

The main advantages of using the BioHAUS® hygiene spray:
>> complete solution for the whole family;
>> has multiple uses: cleansing of different objects and hands;
>> cleanses the hands and removes the danger of germ transmission;
>> can be used in any environment and space because it does not require rinsing;
>> does not leave hands sticky;
>> is a product approved at European level.

- Complete information about how to use and use recommendations (click here)


Apply 2-3 sprays of solution and massage for 30 seconds. Give particular attention to the main contact areas, the tips of the fingers and the spaces between the fingers.


Water 99.69%, Sodium Chloride 0.26%, Sodium Hypochlorite 0.05%, Neutral pH Anolytes 100% in water, without chemical additives.


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10.05.2020, DANIELA ZAGREAN:

Recomand! Sotul meu se da pe picioare, a avut o ciuperca si a disparut. Este foarte incantat de el, de asemea este bun si pentru rani.

26.03.2020, GELU BIZGAN:

Un produs foarte bun in contitiile actuale.

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